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Fire Sound - Audio Demonstration Fire Sound - Audio Demonstration    
The clean sound of a Crackling Fire on CD. 60 minutes in length.

You can listen to the Sound of Crackling Fire by clicking on the link at the top of the page.

No music on this audio CD, simply natural fire at its best.
Customer Reviews

The crackling fire is SO realistic and is a good mood compliment to my electric fireplace. (I've fallen asleep several times while watching the fire and listening) - Arlene (Salisbury)

Great crackling fire CD. I have an electronic fireplace which looks real but was lacking the sound which this provides...perfect! Fast shipping. Thanks! - Denise, USA

I have been looking for a Fire meditation CD with no corny music in the background for quite a few years and ran across your website on a fluke on day. I ordered it after hearing a demo. sound bit and it's EVERYTHING I ever wanted in a relaxation CD! The price is fantastic, quality was EXCELLENT, and it shipped to me safely, so not only am I a VERY satisfied customer but I will also be getting some CD's for family members for Christmas as well as passing this Website along to my Metaphysical friends. Great product, T. Dobbs, Mesa, AZ, USA

We had missed having a 'real' fireplace, so my loving husband engineered a fireplace around a very nice set of electric logs. The view was amazing, but it was missing a critical part...the sound. This CD cured that ailment. It now looks AND sounds like the 'real' fireplace we had been misssing. Thanks so much! Mr Davis - Waynesboro, USA

I bought the Cracking Fire CD for my Mom because she had recently purchased a faux fireplace insert. She was disappointed though that the insert didn't make any noise! So I fixed that! This CD is of awesome quality and it's hard to tell there's not a real fire in the fireplace, making the insert that much more believable! - Susan, Plainfield, USA

The cracklin CD is a must for anyone with fireplace and gas logs. I placed a CD player right around the corner from firplace and put basket of flowers in front of it to hide it (lol) and listening the fire as opposed to just watching, made a world's difference. It is so authentic and this small purchase has made my cold winter in Ohio much more pleasant! You gotta get this one - Debbie Manley, Ohio, USA

Great CD. I wanted a natural fireplace sound, and this is it. Shipped to Canada in like less than a week - John

Received CD "Crackling Fire" and it's perfect! I've received an electric fireplace for Christmas, and though beautiful, had no fire noise. Playing the CD while watching the fire is perfect. Would recommend to anyone. L.Raber - Saint Clair, MO

We have a beautiful electric fireplace in the living room, everyone thinks it's a real fire burning, now, they will be thoroughly convinced that it is! Amazing CD, I have listened to other samples out there and was unwilling to buy because the sound is not realistic, I am so happy that I found this website. Thanks so much! - D Reynolds, Tucson, Arizona, USA

This is the 3rd time I've purchased a Fire CD. This one is exactly what I wanted! I have electric fireplaces and the CD brings them to life! A guest at my home last night swore she was feeling the heat! (The heater part was NOT turned on!) I received it quickly too! I do need to order 2 more!! - M Walker, Hart, USA

Love the crackling fire CD. I've sampled many Cd's and this one's the best. It has just the right amount of snap,crackle and pop - Kelly, Southampton, USA

Received the firesounds cd within a week or so. Put in on while the electric fireplace is on. I would swear it was a real fire. We love it. Great atmosphere added to our fireplace. - Kathy, Grafton WI,USA

I purchased the "Crackling Fire "CD- and it is really the 'missing link' to our newly converted fireplace - have tricked a few people as well - Thank you! - Sue M, Wisconsin

When we converted our fireplace from a wood burner to gas logs, we found out how much the sound contributed to the ambiance. This CD brought it back with crackling and sputtering and the occassional pop/ting - its so realistic! - Helen, Tusa, USA

I have an artificial fireplace in my living room and a wood-burning fireplace in my Recreation room and I can honestly say that the sound from both is almost identical.The artificial electric fireplace is a beautiful piece of furniture and a wonderful addition to our home but it truly lacked the ambiance enjoyed in the other room because of the sound.A set of cheap wireless speakers from our local electronics shop fed from our household stereo system and Voila ! Now the room is truly complete.Thank you very, very much! - Mr R Hogan, USA

Love the cd and the realistic sounds. The service was also quick. I have hooked the cd up with a Dimplex electric fireplace insert for a very nice audio visual experience. Thanks again for a great product - L. Whitehead, Arkansas, USA

We purchased the "Crackling Fireplace" cd to compliment our electric fireplace. We are thrilled with the results and now actually look forward to those cold winter nights that we know are coming - M. Parry, Guelph, Canada

I bought the crackling fire CD, its lovely,so relaxing,I put it on when I go to bed and it makes you all sleepy and cozy - Lynn Parsons

I recently purchased an electric fireplace insert; however, due to the fact that it doesn't make any sound, I searched the internet for "fireplace sounds" and discovered "The Crackling Fire". I placed my CD player in the center of my hearth and, now, my "fire" makes the cheeriest, most realistic faux fireplace is now complete!! - Suzanne, Fortson, United States

I love the CD --The Crackling Fire. It is the perfect complement to my fireplace insert. I can see my wood burning fire, but I can not hear it due to the thick insert door. The cd fills in the missing sound. I also played the cd without a fire while writing, and I found myself relaxing, and being inspired, as if there were a fire nearby! Thanks. - Karen, North Carolina, USA

I ordered The Cracking Fire CD. This CD wins hands down for a realistic sound of burning wood in a fireplace. I turn on my electric fireplace, my CD and sit back with a hot cup of coffee in the morning or a good book in the evening and enjoy, very relaxing. Thanks Teresa, Athens

I got the fire crackling sounds CD and it is great. We converted from a wood fireplace to gas and missed the sounds. My mistake is that the CD player is on the opposite wall from the fireplace, but that is soon going to change. It is so real sounding that I was in the bedroom and stopped up short thinking there was a fire in the living room...there was but it was in the gas fireplace with the CD playing! - Martha, Watertown, NY

Listen to the audio demonstration at the top of the page for the ever changing sound of a fire.

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