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A Children's Audio Book made up of a collection of seven unique original funny stories for children.

A 69 minute length Audio Book CD or MP3 for ages for around 4,5,6 or 7 year olds.

The stories were written by Charles and Rachael Vald and narrated by the multi-talented Paul Chambers, who makes the stories come alive with his fun character voices.

The Most Important Space Mission Ever
Captain Dom, is ready for an important space mission to find alien life forms. But, just before blast off Dom has to stop the count down. He's forgotten something and he can't go into space without it.
Listen to a sample of this story here

Crocodile in the Bath
It's Matthew's bath time, but there's a pesky crocodile in the tub. Mum can't help, so it's up to Matthew to think of ways to get rid of that crocodile.
Listen to a sample of this story here

T'Rex's Lunch
T-Rex is hungry and wants to eat the clever Hadrosaur, but the Hadrosaur has other ideas.
Listen to a sample of this story here

The Bee Who Couldn't Dance
'Go find me the best flowers to make the sweetest nectar,' said the Queen Bee. Unfortunately, Daisy can't do the Waggle Dance to tell the hive where the most buzztastic flowers can be found. Will she learn to dance before the baby bee larvae scream the hive down with hunger?
Listen to a sample of this story here

Baby Bath Time Fun
Tom's sister Lottie screams every time her toes touch the water in the big bath, can Tom convince Lottie that bath time is fun?
Listen to a sample of this story here

Steven Snuffles
Steven Snuffles can't stop sneezing. Captain Jolly has a boat race to win. Can Steven Snuffles help her out?
Listen to a sample of this story here

Michael's Pet
Michael wants a pet and when a caterpillar hitches a ride home on Michael's jumper a magical friendship begins.
Listen to a sample of this story here

Customer Reviews

I was searching through the internet looking for a new CD for my daughter to listen to in the car and at bedtime. She already has a modest collection nearly all of which are based on the traditional fairytales. I really wanted something new and original, that's when I came across 'Fun Stories for 4-7 year olds' . I wasn't really sure whether she would like them or not as she is into 'fluffy pink princess', however the fact that I was able to listen to a sample of each story reassured me that she would. The varying length of each story is great helping to develop my daughter's concentration - and it also means that I don't have to keep running up the stairs every few minutes to change the CD! These are stories that she had never heard before therefore it enabled her to visualise the characters for herself and predict the endings. The stories are pitched at just the right level and have a lovely sense of humour. The narrator Paul Chambers speaks clearly and interestingly, which makes him very easy to listen to. My daughter's favourite changes daily, she laughs as she tells me about Captain Dom who "keeps forgeting everything, his teddybear and his peanut butter sandwiches - because he doesn't like spaceship food". She giggles as she listens to 'Steven Snuffles' and all the things that happen just because he sneezed. This is a great CD for girls and boys alike, excellent value for money with stories that have been really well thought about, age appropriate and of very good quality. I would recommend the CD! - Angie and Maddie (aged 4 and a half) - Southhampton UK

We recently received this audio book through the post much to the families excitement. As a family we do a lot of travelling as we have parents at opposite ends of the British Isles and adding in one dyslexic dad and one potentially dyslexic 7 year old we listen to a lot of audio books. This one was duly carried to the car where it awaited our next trip. As soon as we got in the car the kids were clamouring for the new CD on. So on it went and we all settled back to listen. Within minutes we are all laughing along to the story of Captain Dom. The overall reactions from the kids (7, 4.5 and 3) was "hahahahahahahaha funny stories." The silence broken only by giggling in the car during the listening speaks volumes! The older two both agreed that they enjoyed The Most Important Space Mission Ever and Crocodile in the Bath were the ones they enjoyed the most but on listening to them again they keep changing their minds. Both my husband and myself enjoyed the stories too, the level and humour is aimed perfectly at the target age range but also have a grown up quality to them that most any parent could relate to (especially Crocodile in the bath!). The stories are short enough to hold the attention of the younger listener and the right kind of humour to keep the 7 year olds giggling. The narrator is very good, a hint of silly voices for the different characters but not taking it too far. All in all a definite thumbs up from the whole family. Perfect for bedtimes and car journeys - Maria, Abigail, Jacob and Emily - Wolverhampton UK

"I think this would also be excellent for keeping the kids entertained in the vehicle or on a road trip" Children's Audiobook Review - Fun Stories CD - Misfit Momma

MP3 download version of these audio book children stories is at 192kbps

These stories with minor changes are now also available on Amazon in E-Book Kindle(tm) Format.

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