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This is the new improved and enhanced 2014 second edition of the Farm Help Children Sleep Audibook.

Help your children relax and fall asleep through a happy story. The audiobook start with a gentle relaxation exercises followed by a wonderful calming guided bedtime story at a farm with sound effects including farm animals and trains, ending in calming birdsong.

Whisked away into a lovely adventure of dreams. What makes this audibook so effective is what happens at the end of the story.

To help the child from waking up at the end, they are told to use their imagination to create their own adventures with the characters they have met in the story, this allows them to drift off into a lovely dream and a better nights sleep.

Combining my skills and knowledge of relaxation and self hypnosis techniques, with my passion for creative storytelling for children, and my wife's experience and knowledge as a primary school teacher, I have produced a CD that has been proven to aid children's sleep by redirecting their energies into simple calming exercises and harnessing their imagination to actually aid sleep.

There are many other children sleep audiobooks in the series, please have a look in the menu.

Customer Reviews

Thank you for sending the CD so quickly. It was actually for my 4 1/2 year old grand daughter. Her granny has recently died and she has been having trouble getting to sleep. My daughter was at the end of her tether.
So I thought you might be interested to know your CD was successful. Within 10 minutes of going to bed she was fast asleep, still in the same position, absolutely out for the count.
Long may it continue.
Regards. Mrs. Jacqui Torah

The CD is brilliant. It sends my daughter to sleep only after half way though the CD. My son who is 5 also wanted to listen to it one night, and so he didn't feel left out, I let him listen to it, he sleeps quite well, with only a bit of tossing and turning usually, after only a minute of listening to the CD, he was out like a light. It's the deepest sleep he's ever had, he even snored!!

Dear Charles,

Just a few lines of thanks for the wonderful CD "The Farm" it has worked wonders for my young daughter. She has always found it so hard to get over to sleep as she is quite and anxious child but the CD has really helped relax her. I have recommended it to several of my friends with young children with sleep problems...it certainly brings a sense of calmness into the bedroom in the evenings. Thank you again ! - Stephanie Blake

Unbelievably (to us!) our 8 year old was asleep within 30 minutes - a first for many months as he is usually unable to fall asleep until 10:30 at the earliest, after being in bed for several hours - Beverley


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