About myself, hypnosis, music and a bit more.

I was always fascinated by hypnosis from an early age but this wasn't how my career started.

I studied Computing at Loughborough University focusing on Human Computer Interaction. My thesis was on the psychology of social interaction on the Internet (this was the early days of the Internet around 1992/1993). Meanwhile, taking advantage of the huge library facilities on the campus, I read up on the subject of hypnosis. I read every single book on the subject I could find; and there were a lot of books. With these I started teaching other students simple relaxation techniques and practiced self hypnosis and meditation.

After graduating I continued to read all I could about hypnosis and psychology, while starting a career in computing. It was during my first job that I noticed I had lost the pincer thumb finger action in my right hand. The reason for this was a rare genetic condition called Charcot Marie Tooth, a very slowly progressive muscle wasting condition which I have had since birth.

This was a catalyst for me to see if I could put what I had learned from hypnosis into action. I did not expect to cure the condition but I found that relaxing helped contain the deterioration. Whatever the condition, it is when we are stressed that weaknesses appears in our body.

It was this experience that finaly persuaded me to stop working as a computer contractor and train to be a qualified hypnotherapist. I qualified at the same time as I married my wife, Rachael, a teacher (who was invaluable in helping me later with my 'Help Children Sleep' series, many reviews can be found on this website and amazon) and have 2 fantastic kiddies as shown in the photo.

My first major success in hypnotherapy was helping a friend who has a condition called Tinnitus (a noise/ringing in their ear). I focused for the next few months researching and helping him and others with their Tinnitus with great success. Even other Hypnotherapists phoned and emailed me for help with their own patients suffering from this condition. I wasn't offering a cure, but I could provide people with the tools to help themselves cope and even lessen their condition.

I was always under the impression that hypnosis CDs would not be very effective in helping people. However after selling a few hypnosis CDs, I received amazing feedback testimonials. At the time I wasn't sure why I was getting such a high success rate. Of course my CDs couldn't help everyone but large numbers of people were getting dramatic results.

Have a look in my Guestbook to see some direct testimonials.

Word of mouth about my work spread and was soon selling thousands of CDs.

It was lovely to make a living and help people at the same time and know people were happy with what they received.

Nearly all the work on this site (both the hypnosis and music CDs) are composed by myself.

Things have evolved, I have recorded a few nature sounds, created 2 iphone/ipad apps(a rain and waves composer) and sell a select few beauty products that I really like.

If you have any questions simply ask.

Thanks for reading.

Charles Vald

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