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Sample of Hypnosis Induction Track Sample of Hypnosis Induction Track    
The uses for this CD are endless.

  • Revisit and interpret what a dream meant.

  • Create and control any dream you wish.

  • Visualise a problem in a different way.

  • This CD guides you through a simple Lucid Dreaming Technique that can be used by everyone.

    It is normally very difficult to have control of your dreams, this CD makes it simple.

    Simply think of a dream you wish to have control of, close your eyes and listen to the CD.

    The afternoon is normally the best time to use the CD but it can also be used at night.

    You will be taught to pause your dream, rewind it, and change your dream, all in complete safety.

    With practice you might notice your dreams at night will become easier to control.

    Customer Reviews

    Thank you, Charles, for your Lucid Dreaming Hypnosis CD. I've had great success. The wonderful thing about your CD is that you can listen to the full version or the shorter version by simply turning to the appropriate track. Also, with practice, one can have lucid dreams during the night or lucid and clear 'day dreams' while using your CD for an afternoon nap!

    Thanks again,


    There are 4 tracks on the CD.

    The first track explains what hypnotherapy is, and answers many peoples' main concerns.

    The second track is a one-minute track of ocean waves so you can get yourself comfortable.

    The third track is that of my powerful induction track used on many of hypnosis CDs
    Click on the audio demonstration at the top of the page to listen.

    The fourth track is the Alpha Wave Breath of Time Music.

    Any questions or concerns please contact me through the menu.

    Warm regards

    Charles Vald

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