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Ocean Waves CD Ocean Waves CD    
The soothing sounds of the ocean waves against the shore.

In the Autumn of 87 Michael Sinclair and his little Pekinese dog Tiny Tim, went on a 7 hour train trip to the enchanting, Atlantic-facing, Cornish town of St Ives in England. Late one night he set out to one of the coves on Porthgwidden Beach.

He watched and waited while a little flotilla of fishing boats lit up from bow to stern disappeared out of sight and out of sound into the dark night. He then set up his professional field recorder and microphones and produced this beautiful recording you can hear above in the audio demonstration.

  • Simply the pure sound of the waves lapping against the shore.

  • No background noises of seagulls

  • No background noises of dolphins.

  • Customer Reviews

    We have been looking for a CD with ocean-waves-sound for a long time now. And here it is, no music, no fuss, just pure sound of ocean-waves! We are listening to it every night when we had gone to bed, it gives us pleasure and relaxation, and we are falling into a deep sleep with this beautiful ocean-wave-sound in our ear and soul every night - Nick, Denmark

    My friend, who has a long-term illness, asked me to try and find her a CD of the sounds of the sea on a shingle shore to help her to relax. After much searching I found "Ocean Waves" and it is perfect. My friend is delighted with it. Prompt delivery - the CD arrived in France in just 3 days, thank you for an excellent service - Pam Sauz Vaussais, France

    I really like the Ocean Waves Nature CD. I wanted a CD with the sounds of ocean waves without background music or seagulls. I searched "sounds of ocean waves CD" on the internet and it took me to several links. I clicked on yours, read the description, and decided it was what I was looking for. I am enjoying it. I bought it to help me relax as I fall asleep. Melissa, La Mirada, USA

    Thankyou very much Charles,for 9 months of the year we use our caravan a few yards away from the sea, and we sleep wonderfully perhaps now it can be 12 Months. of the year. it's great. - Jill Moon

    I have just bought the Ocean Waves St Ives Moods CD to help me sleep. It seems to help me relax. I used to have a tape but can't play it any more. Many thanks - A Cleverley, Northumberland, UK

    I have been falling asleep listening to ocean waves and pure wind on repeat for a few nights now and I'm sleeping like a baby, very relaxing, they also cancel out other noises which would normally awaken me. I can't see me going to bed now without having these CD's on! - Claire, Teeside, UK

    Click on the audio demonstration at the top of the screen to listen. This CD is 56 minutes in length. Simply nature, no music.

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