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Audio Samples

Pure Rain - Audio Demonstration Pure Rain - Audio Demonstration    
60 minutes of Pure Rain on a CD.

  • No thunder

  • No bird song

  • No added music, simply the sound of rain.

  • Click the link at the top of the screen to Listen to an Audio Demonstration of the Sound of Rain nature album.

    Now also available 6 hours of Rain Sounds

    The Sound of Pure Rain CD has been designed not to sound like white or pink noise but pure clean rain.

    The most natural crisp rain sound you could ever ask for.

    Customer Reviews

    Thank you for the Pure Rain CD - it was precisely what I was looking for - ambient, natural, white noise to help with sleep. I am very pleased with the high quality recording and it was posted immediately. I have no hesitation in recommending the product and company to others - Karl Bridge, Blackburn, UK

    A couple of weeks ago my thoughtful boyfriend gave me the CD with pure rain that you have made. In order to understand exactly how happy he made me with this special gift, you have to know that every single year at Christmas and my birthday I have written "CD with the sound of rain - and no music, please" for the last 10-15 years. I simply LOVE rain and the sound of rain and therefore I wanted such a CD to be able to listen to rain regardless of the weather. Despite a lot of researching, nobody - including myself - succeeded in finding this CD. That was until my boyfriend, Peter, found your CDs after trying hard for a long time. Now I and my four months old son listen to the pouring rain in our living room every day - and we both enjoy it very much! So thank you for finally making this possible for me:-) - Susanne

    Many thanks for your superb CD of pure rain. I suffer intense irritation at the sound of dogs barking. Wheras I have special doubleglazing it isnt quite enough to block out the sound completely so I usually have a fan heater on in winter and a fan in summer. However at this time of year the temperature isnt suitable for either. The CD is ideal as it provides a constant sound without interruptions - Thomas, Worcester, UK

    Loved the CD, stick it one every evening when i go bed to help me relax. Nice to get a CD with just rain sounds rather than rain and something else. Would recommend this CD - Laura Kew,Birmingham,UK

    The Album Length is 60 minutes which fades in and out at the beginning and the end

    The MP3 instant download version of the album is at a very high quality of 256kbps

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