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Audio Samples

Breath of Time Breath of Time    Instrumental Meditation Instrumental Meditation    Silk Blanket Silk Blanket    Ocean Waves Moods 1 Ocean Waves Moods 1    
This music is very different, very special as you will soon find out.

4 Hours of Pure Royalty Free Hypnosis Music both designed and composed by a hypnotherapist.

Customer Reviews

I must commend you regarding your royalty free CDs we received. Thanks for the fast delivery. We have used other music from royalty free sites..but...your works surpass!. The three albums I received would have cost approx $150 on another site - Russell Deane

I am a hypnotherapist and often use background music when I make recordings for clients. Charles is providing a really useful service in creating his own original, royalty-free music that can be used freely for such purposes -

I love your music. I use it regularly in my hypnotherapy practice. My clients love it as well. I spent considerable time investigating music for my practice. I have not found anything online to compare to what you offer in terms; the music and the pricing is amazing. - Terri Cooper RSW NLP-M DCH - Hypnosis for Life Inc.

Used one as background with a client this afternoon, having never had sounds before, it makes the effect much more pleasurable all round. Kind Regards - John Birtwistle D.Hyp, BSCH (Assoc.) AAMT

Several years ago, I bought a few of Charles Vald's royalty-free music CDs for my hypnotherapy business. Of all the relaxation CDs I own (of which there are *many* in my collection), his Breath of Time is still one of my top favourites. My clients find it especially relaxing, and I use it for my own personal self-hypnosis and mediation practice. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for meditation music -- whether royalty-free or not - L Donalds, Lunenburg, MA, USA Considering the number of thrilled recipients of the CD's, I am sure you can be in no doubt as to the timeless and priceless contribution you are making to healing practices worldwide in sharing your exceptional musical giftedness with us at such a modest cost. This is generosity indeed, and I trust the blessings we are receiving are returning to you a hundredfold! Again, many thanks, Sincerely, Susie Caulton Hypnotherapist Australia

Dear Charles,

I have spent a lot of time over the years searching for suitable music that could be used to enhance the therapeutic experience for my clients during their hypnotherapy session. Unfortunately most of the music readily available could be at best classified as “elevator music” which could distract the client from any sounds outside of the room but could equally be found to be irritating. I also needed music that would form the basis of my hypnotherapy cds which are professionally recorded and used to support the client sessions. My search ended when I found your site and downloaded the first of the tracks. Silk blankets was the first track I used as the basis of a series of weight loss cds and the only downside was the effect that this music had on the sound technician. He found it difficult not to drift off into a trance like state whilst listening to me record the dialogue in the recording studio and he also had problems checking the recordings without losing time. The other tracks have proved equally effective in live sessions and on recordings.

So I would like to thank you for the music which is far more than ambient music and exactly what I required for my practise and your service which has been exceptional. Plus I would request that if you record any additional hypnotherapy tracks in the future that you notify me direct so I can purchase these recordings.

Kind regards Maria Charnock, Merseyside Hypnotherapy
  • Alpha wave enhanced meditation and hypnosis music created by a Hypnotherapist

  • Low price

  • Full Happiness Money-Back Guarantee

The price at the top of the screen is for 4 CD albums or 4 MP3 instant album downloads, more information on the albums, licensing information and audio demonstrations are below.

The music is used by thousands of therapists and there's a reason for this. As you listen to the audio demonstrations below or at the top of the page, notice what makes them special, so different.

First Music Album - Breath of Time II

A track that teaches the patient deep breathing during the session.

The smooth background chimes is a guide to tell you when to breathe in and then out again. Also great for meditation and breathing exercises (alpha wave enhanced to induce a relaxed state).

This album contains two thirty-minute tracks (one at 5 breaths per minute rolling into the other track at 3 breaths per minute) perfect for deep hypnosis and meditation, the tracks have the same music just different breathing patterns.

Breath of Time Audio Demonstration

Second Music Album - Instrumental Meditation

"Instruments overlapping, one after another in a delicate journey of calming to deepen the trance."

60 minutes in length.

Click here for an audio demonstration

This track was used on Charles Vald's guided meditation CD with wonderful results. This 60 minute music album is the second edition enhanced version of this album. Choir sounds and piano blended to produce a relaxing wonderful musical ambience. Perfect for therapist in hypnosis and meditation. Perfect backing music for your own voice.

Third Music Album - Silk Blanket (second edition)

Using the latest advances in music technology to produce a wonderful calming experience. Listen to the gentle tinker of bells, blends with strings and choir.

One track - 60 minutes in length.

  • Perfect as Royalty Free Hypnosis Music. The Deepest Relaxation

  • Perfect as Royalty Free Massage Music. Gentle Rolling Sounds

  • Perfect as Royalty Free Reiki Music

Click here for an audio demonstration

Customer Reviews

I am a student hypnotherapist and I have recently purchased some royalty free music from you that I have used to make a CD for a specific practice client of mine. Everything you say about your compositions are true, Silk Blanket worked perfectly and made all the difference, a deep resourceful trance state was achieved and progress was made, the difference was the music. Thank you, and I have now recommended your web site to everyone in class - Richard Stone

I found it very difficult to find just the right music for my hypnobirthing CDs and was delighted when I came across 'silk blanket'. It's soothing tones are just perfect and my clients have been very happy with their CDs. I received my CD very quickly and am would definitely recommend these beautiful relaxing tunes for any relaxation techniques. Thank you for the great service - Sophie Englefield

This album is best played at a gentle volume.

Fourth Music Album - Ocean Waves Moods 1

The gente Atlantic Ocean recorded at St-Ives in England, 56 minutes in Length

Used as background music in hypnosis by hypnotherapist, meditation and yoga.

Simply the natural waves lapping against the shore, no looping, no other sounds a beautiful recording made during the night.

Click here for an audio demonstration

Licensing Information

What you can do with these royalty free CDs or MP3's?

You can use them in group sessions, seminars, conferences, or as backing for your own voice on your own commercial CDs without paying any additional license fees.

What you cannot do with these royalty free CDs or MP3's?

You cannot take samples from these CDs or sell them with only the music/variation of the music and no voice over, however you can have the music playing at the end of your voice over.

Three of the music albums have a single 60 minute track. The advanced Breath of Time 2 second edition album has two thirty-minute tracks.

The tempo of the hypnosis music / meditation music is naturally 60 beats per minute (to help lower the heart beat).

The CD has a gentle rhythm to keep you interested, but is not overwhelming. The client can stay focused on your voice.

"After setting up my hypnotherapy practice I did not want to spend hundreds of pounds/dollars on hypnosis music. It took over a year to create, but I have produced music unlike anything else in the market as you will soon find out when you listen to the audio demonstrations below." - Charles Vald

On purchase, you will be emailed you license to use these CDs. These CDs are counted as one item. That's 4 CD's for the amazing price at the top of the page and that includes free postage anywhere in the World or instant download for the mp3 versions.

All the music in this royalty free hypnosis/meditation music set has been designed for one purpose, to help relax your patient, be it for a Hypnosis induction, Guided Meditation or any other relaxation therapy. All the music has a slow tempo, using carefully selected instruments, with music that stays at the same volume for the whole session, all at what I am sure you will agree is a very low price.

All Royalty Free material can be found using the menu in the Royalty Free Music Category. Music found outside this category is for personal use only

If you are unhappy with your product for any reason we offer full refunds.
  • Adherence to all relevant UK And EU laws with further benefits such as a 14 day 'cooling off' period
  • Total privacy of personal data and security of credit card handling
  • Clear presentation of all costs including delivery charges
  • Effective communication systems with name and address and contact phone number

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