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Audio Demonstration of Ocean Child Story Audio Demonstration of Ocean Child Story    
Help your child sleep for the whole night

If your child is aged between 4 and 11 years of age and has problems falling or staying asleep, help is at hand.

So how does it work?

The CD is a guided meditation story, created specifically to relax children. At bedtime play the CD, your child will be immersed into a magical story which will help your child drift off to sleep.

This new enhanced second edition, begins with 5 minutes of simple relaxation exercises; then while your child is in a happy relaxed state the guided story begins. Your child will imagine building sand castles, riding on a boat, playing with dolphins and much more.

What makes this CD so effective compared to other relaxation or meditation CDs for children is what happens at the end of the CD. To stop the child waking up at the end, they are told to use their imagination to create their own adventures with the characters they have met in the story, this allows them to drift off into a lovely dream and a better nights sleep, while the gentle sound of ocean waves helps to relax them.

Customer Reviews

I was amazed that it actually put her to sleep before it had even finished playing! The first night! I almost didn't know what to do with all the extra time I had without her coming out of her room for hours after hours - Misfit Momma - Child Seashore Bedtime CD Review

"This is really helping," my daughter whispered part-way through. "I can really imagine it. Tell the man I like the story," she added, drowsily from - Mumtopia - Childrens Seashore Bedtime CD Review

"The CD is brilliant, my Daughter is sent to sleep only after half way though the cd. My son who is 5 also wanted to listen to it one night, and so he didn't feel left out, I let him listen to it, he sleeps quite well, with only a bit of tossing and turning usually, after only a minute of listening to the cd, he was out like a light. It's the deepest sleep he's ever had, he even snored!!" - Marian, UK

"Thank you for my sons good nights sleep. one is asleep in under 10 mins and the other within a hour, excellent. our youngest has never gone to bed before midnight and he's nearly eight. but for the last three nights hes been asleep from eight thirty amazing.I have always belived that he has a window and if you can get him to calm down in that time window that it is poss to get him to sleep around 8 pm. but getting him calm enough with the help of your cd has been wonderful many thanks" - Lisa

Totally awesome! I have a very bright nearly 4 year old who struggles to switch off at bedtime, I bought the Seashore Bedtime Story which arrived yesterday and he's been peacefully asleep before the end of the story both yesterday and tonight - incredible!! Am going to order the Lake story now so he has another option as well. Would definitely recommend - Joanna, Liverpool

I bought The Seashore CD to help my 6 year old get to sleep. It was previously taking around 2 hours to get him to sleep and he was getting increasingly distressed about this. The first night I put this CD on he was asleep within 20 minutes. Amazing - Julia, Witney, UK

Excellent CD, tried it on my 4 year old daughter that was having night terrors. I have had a good night sleep ever since. Thank you. - P Durrant, Barnoldswick, Lancashire

Our lives have dramatically improved since introducing the CD to our four year old daughter's bedtime several months ago. Now, instead of having to traipse up and down stairs a dozen times over a two hour period getting more and more fed up, Holly is asleep by the time the narrative stops and the waves start. I have progressed from lying beside her to sitting beside her to now being able to leave the room.

The other difference of course is that she no longer screams herself to sleep but drifts off in a loving and calm environment which sets the tone for the whole night and she now generally sleeps through. If she does wake up though she quite often simply asks me to re-start the cd and is then happy for me to go back to bed. As a result our family life during the day is much improved and our bond with Holly has healed 100%. - Theresa Smith, Horsham, West Sussex

I was very sceptical of this cd but as I was at the end of my tether trying to get my three year old to go to sleep I thought I would give it a go - tonight is the first time I have used it and honestly he was asleep in ten minutes.. AMAZING!!!!! Hoping for the same results tomorrow night and the night after that and the next ones too!!!! Thank you so much :o) - L Balderstone, Croxley Green

"I bought this for my daughter when she started junior school, and had trouble getting off to sleep at night. The CD starts with a story about the beach, and you have to imagine making sand castles and being by the sea. At the end of the story is just the sound of lapping waves, and it was at this point that my daughter drifted off to sleep. She really enjoyed listening to it and was definitely more relaxed about bedtime" - Mrs Jones, Herts

My 12 year old foster child had very disturbed sleep issues but the childrens seashore CD has been amazing. His very first words to me the morning after his first nights use were "the CD works". It seems like a huge weight has been lifted from his shoulders. In 1 week his behavior both at home and at school have improved and he asks for his CD every night now - Jane

"This CD has been a sanity saver!! I have despaired over bedtimes with my son. But at last he is happy to go to bed and fall asleep without me laying down with him." - Sue, UK

Listen to an audio demonstration of the CD at the top of the page.

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Total run time is 1 hour 4 minutes in length (including the relaxing sounds of the ocean waves at the end of the album)

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