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Track 1 - Raindrops Track 1 - Raindrops    Track 4 - Grounding Track 4 - Grounding    
Vibrations of the Soul.

The CD is 60 minutes in length and split into 4, fifteen minute tracks.

A CD of music produced from singing bowls.

I created this CD because I have always felt the singing bowl to be a unique, calming and healing instrument.

It took me a long to create but it was worth it. Listen to the audio demonstrations above.

A CD for deep, calm meditative relaxation

Customer Reviews

I have never been able to open up during meditation the way I was able to while playing the CD. I will definitely be ordering more from you. Adrian Dennis
BEAUTIFUL CD, very pleased shelilah
Restful...Calming CD..Thank you.. waipiata
Very beautiful CD. Creating stillness and calm. zobe123
Lovely sounds on CD very relaxing diane211016
This music is beautifully magical. contessanessa
Beautiful CD... Healing Meditation Singing Bowls... Highly Recommend! A++++ positivepath
LOVE THIS CD kimmysgram
Stunning! Brilliant! Very uplifting with a beautiful resonance ufooooooo

Vibrations of the Soul uses a variety of sized copper Tibetan singing bowls to produce a remarkable CD.

There is no other CD like it in the market.

You choose the track that feels best for you.

The CD tracks have been designed for longer 60 minute meditations. When you are ready to take this step the CD will take you on a powerful journey.

The high tone in the music is used to achieve the deepest states of meditation while the low tone is excellent for healing.

This CD combines both to achieve its remarkable results.

My name is Charles Vald I am the composer of many soothing unique meditation albums. My work is in use by therapists all over the world.

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