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Sounds of the Night Audio Demonstration Sounds of the Night Audio Demonstration    
The natural sounds of the calming night

Gentle, Calm, Relaxing

60 minutes in length. One audio MP3 track. Simply nature, no music.

Customer Reviews

I have to say I am EXTREMELY PLEASED with it - as it is the ONLY nighttime nature sounds album which is true to its title- Connie, USA

Night Sounds downloaded easily onto my Mac. Bird Songs on CD arrived quickly, in a few days, even though from overseas. Both were excellent acoustic quality, and the recordings lasted an extended time. We used them for a summer Vacation Bible School production (camping theme) in our church. Along with painted backdrops, real trees, simulated flowing river & laser star projector, it created the perfect ambiance for the program. The track separation was excellent, as it sounded as if frogs were calling from one area of the stage and owls from another. Thank you for a professionally produced, superior quality recording. - E Newcomb, Valley Center,USA

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