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Audio Demonstration of 6 Hours of Rain Audio Demonstration of 6 Hours of Rain    
April - June, 2012, were very rainy, wet months in the UK. Many weather records were beaten and it meant I was able to get some fantastic rain sounds.

First CD - Rain, Birds and Thunder (approx 60 minutes)
Second CD - Heavy Hailstorm (approx 60 minutes)
Third CD - Meditation Rain - Pitter Patter Sounds (approx 60 minutes)
Fourth CD - The Sound of Rain (approx 60 minutes)
Fifth CD - Spring Rain (approx 60 minutes)
Sixth CD - Heavy Rain (approx 60 minutes)

Customer Reviews

Awesome. Since I was a small child I have always been drawn to the sound of rain and other sounds which come with it. This recording has no music - just the simple, yet natural - sound of rain. I use this as a sleep aid and it certainly does the job! I have purchased several recordings from HH and I haven't been disappointed. Don't be put off by the price. Each CD is worth every penny. I can vouche for that :D Happy listening - J Campbell, Gloucestershire

Wonderfully fast service. I wore out my last CD of rain and am very happy to have just received the Sounds of Rain 6 CD set. I use them to meditate and to help me sleep. Very pleased with the quality! -Wendy, Brighton

So how I made this album?

Recording rain is quite problematic. Gentle light rain is quiet, amplifying it means that the other sounds are also amplified and the recording becomes overpowered by birds fluttering, leaves rustling, cars or planes. For this reason many rain recordings are in fact just simple recordings of the shower. I didn't want that. I wanted to produce the most authentic sound, rain that really sounds as if it's coming at you.

Another problem with recording rain is that when heavy raindrops hit the microphone it can become distorted. So, I tested many locations to reduce this and keep the authentic sound.

Bird song was the easiest to record, as when it rained during the day the birds continued to sing. It was during one of these birdsong recordings in mid-May that the thunder started making the first track on the album a very interesting track.

I was going to make more rain and bird song tracks but only one or two types of birds seemed to like the rain and that becomes a bit repetitive. I felt it best to leave it with this one fantastic track and consider the other recordings for a future album. (As many of you know, I already sell a Birdsong With A Hint Of River album)

I got lucky again in May when it hailed. I was at work and didn't have a chance to put on a coat. I just ran outside and placed the recorder in a good position to capture the sound. The hail was so heavy it actually knocked my recorder off the garden table and onto the floor. Fortunately, it wasn't damaged and I was able to find a safer location whilst still being pelted by hailstones. The next day it hailed some more, so out I went again. I can only find a few hailstorm recordings available on the internet and I hope you will find this one the best.

The pitter patter track I find the most relaxing. I spent a long time making this as gentle as possible.

The other three rain tracks are the more traditional sounds of rain to cover a variety of customer choices. To alter the style of rain, the locations were changed, sometimes I put the recorder close to trees or near different surfaces.

It was very time consuming selecting the different tracks, but I enjoyed enhancing the stereo sounds of the recordings to bring out the drops.

So did I get obsessed by this rain album?

The simple answer is YES. I made over 50 hours of recordings. Listening to all of the recordings was time consuming and hard work. I could hear rain in my sleep. I knew I was near the finished product when my wife, who was working in the next room actually thought it was raining outside.

All the best


Audio Demonstration at the Top of the Page.

There are six, one hour tracks of rain on the album and it is currently available below for digital download on itunes™, amazon™, google play™ and other music stores below.

The Sounds of Rain - 6 Hours of Nature Sounds - Charles Vald (UK) The Sounds of Rain - 6 Hours of Nature Sounds - Charles Vald (USA)

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