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Sound of Wind Audio Demonstration Sound of Wind Audio Demonstration    
The natural sound of the wind with the gentle rustle of trees.

This nature CD is 60 minutes in length.

No music, simply nature at its best, pure wind.

Customer Reviews

I bought the 'Pure Sound of the Wind' CD to help mask unwanted city noise while Iím working. For a writer living in central London, itís a neverending problem. The sounds on this CD are beautifully natural and clear, very soothing and not at all distracting. It has a warm, romantic sound, almost like music, and highly varied, not at all monotonous. Combined with noise reducing headphones I now have the illusion I am working somewhere in a quite country cottage, listening to the wind sweep in across the moor. I feel as if Iím writing 'Wuthering Heights', which can only be a good thing. Again - thanks for a fine product - G Andreacchi, London, UK

Great quality sounds. I got "Sounds of the Wind" One of very few places for wind sounds and the best, in my opinion. Purchase and downloading was effortless. - Paul, Londonderry, NH USA

Received the Pure Sound of the Wind CD today and am very happy with it. A couple of years ago I bought 2 wind sound CD's from Australia, and although both are very good, they cannot compete with the Pure Sound of the Wind. The other wind CDs could very easily be waves crashing on the shore, not at all like the whistling sound of the wind on the Pure Sound of Wind. Its great! I could not be more pleased with this purchase. And, it only took 10 days to arrive from Britian! - Terry Michalkow, Canada

I recently recieved the "wind" cd. I am very pleased with the speedy service, although I was a bit worried about ordering all the way from the UK. I recieved the cd much sooner than I expected, however. I am also pleased with the quality of the cd. The whistling wind is a good sleep aid for me, Alan, Dundalk, USA

I received my CD promptly, with notification on the way. My CD, The Wind, from the Sounds of Nature collection, was everything that I hoped for. I find it very helpful on getting off to sleep. The lull and moan of the wind helped me not to dwell on the days problems, at home or work. I always fall asleep before hearing the end. The sound of the wind CD provides an excellent atmosphere to relax in, even during the day time. When I close my eyes I am instantly taken to a warm,cosy cottage in the countryside, the wind is howling but it feels safe inside. Reading a book with the CD in the background, is very atmospheric, and aids concentration on the text. Fans of the authors: Austen, Bronte and Hardy,inparticular, will find the sound haunting and evocative whilst reading, but its relaxing for any good read. So glad to have found it! - E Quinn, London

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You will not find many people selling this nature CD, it is quite a rare find.

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