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15 second interval 15 second interval    
The Steps of Movement is more than just another music CD.

It's designed to help in your Tai Chi or Yoga exercises.

There are two 30 minute tracks, one designed for position holding/exercise for 30 seconds, the other for 15 seconds.

There is no other tai-chi music like it on the market.

You can hear a Demo below of this inspiring music at the top of the page.

The CD was created with care and attention to detail.

When the drum of the Bonang beats three times you change position/movement.

The main instrument in use is that of the Sitar, to give a calming yet confident performance. Balanced with the drums of the Bonang.

There are numerous styles of Tai Chi but the principle is the same.

The evolution of the styles is because of different bodies, personalities and emphasis. Each style has its advantages and disadvantages.

The purpose of the music is to give you the correct timing for your your Tai Chi and yoga movements.

Look at my other yoga cd Nature speaks - Yoga music

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